Chalmers Innovation Office Utilisation Barometer

We can help identify the innovations processes that you are taking part in and what roles you have.

Do you want to keep tabs on how you are working with the utilisation of your research? Here you can follow up on what you have done and gain ideas for future projects and applications! Answer Yes or No, and the Utilisation Barometer will then calculate a profile at the end for you to reflect upon. Answer on the basis of what you have done during a specific period or in a project. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt if you are 50/50 about how to answer!
If you want to alter your profile, or if you are wondering about how you can describe utilisation in applications and project reports, please contact us at Chalmers Innovation Office!

The Utilisation Barometer has been inspired by research performed by Staffan Jacobsson, Merle Jacob, Eugenia Perez Vico and Hans Hellsmark. Please see Perez Vico, E., Hellsmark, H., Jacob, M., 2013. Enacting knowledge transfer: A context (in)-dependent and ”role-based” typology for capturing utility from University research, Manuscript submitted to the scientific journal Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation.

About The Utilisation Barometer

Utilisation Role Analysis is a tool that aims to help individual researchers and research groups to identify the innovation processes in which they participate and what roles they take on. Such analysis is an excellent part of a development process for a utilisation strategy.

About Chalmers Innovation Office

Chalmers Innovation office provides support and advice to researchers at Chalmers in order to enable utilisation of research results and thereby creating extended value for society and industry.


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